Black eps. 6-7

These two episodes were a bit boring. Episode 6 mainly featured Mansoo’s Halloween party as the backdrop for the episode. Lots of little things happened during the party, such as:

Cute costumes that they wore. Haram wore Fiona, who unknowingly, matched with Mansoo’s Shrek costume. In the first place, why would Mansoo asked to wear an ugly costume while he is the host of his own party is beyond me. He should fire his stylist. Though thr glow in thr dark makeup was cool (but not worth 2million).

On the other hand, Haram made Black look like Joe Black complete with suit with the peanut butter on hand. Harams jaw dropped when Black came to the party looking so handsome, but why would she be surprised. He looks so damn hot in his black suit every day!

We see Mansoo getting a little jealous of Black and Haram, furthet cementing his budding crush/attraction to the oblivious Haram. Haram, on the othrt hand, saw how Soo wan kissed Black at the balcony also felt jealous

Speaking of Soo wan, she resigned from the hospital and was on her way to thr airport when Assassin guy took Blacks phone and lured her to the party. She was able to stab assassin with a small knife and the assassin ran away.

Black teleported on top of the assassins car inside the tunnel and we see them fighting until assassin stabbed Black and threw him off the bridge.

Black survived and he teleported back to his home. However to his surprise, he can no longer get out of Moogang’s body. So looks like he is stuck inside Moogang for the time being.

I’m a little confused by this new rule. Before they said if moo gang double dies then he also dies inside his body. But looks like thats not the case, as he is merely stuck in that body forever. Or is it a way for him to be with Haram at the end since he will be the real Moogang?

Assassin kidnaps Soowan after “killing” Black.

Episode 7 featured mostly the story of Moo gang’s childhood best friend, Seungchul, who died in the collapse of the Time Mart 20 years ago, and his parents. I didnt like this storyline much. Turns out the Time Mart owner, Woo Byung sik, who everyone thought died in a car accident 20 years ago, merely faked his own death and escaprd to thr Philippines. He has a mistress and son living there.

Seungchul’s mom became a maid in the Philippines and when Byung sik found out, he had her pushed off a cliff and was hopsitalized in Seoul.

Seungchuls father tried to take his revenge by kidnapping Byungsiks son and blowing him up in front of a live audience but Byungsik is one step ahead as he had assassin guy switch dad’s wife and Byungsik’s son and the dad unknowingly killed his own wife.

Dad eventually died after and Byung sik tried to escape via a small boat (maybe going to china). But assassin guy, who Byung sik hired to help him, betrayed him and killed him. So much for escaping 20 years ago when he gets killed anyway .

The main takeaway from this story is that there are other people who has the butterfly watch. I am guessing its a secret society of something and now someone is trying to silence the members who are proving to be a liability.

Last piece of vital information is introduction of Leo. We saw him before in the first episode with Mansoo. This episode we find out that met with old Moogang and he is confused why Black doesnt remember him. He received a threatening letter, which Black thinks was sent by Loser (the guy he is chasing after). I dont like Leo, mostly because he is such a jerk and he sulks alot. Maybe we just need to see him in thr next episodes to unravel his story.


Kahogo no kahoko ep. 3

Loved this episode so much that made a lot of gifs for my favorite scenes.

For the first time Kahoko likes a guy and doesnt know what to do. She acts so awkwardly to the clueless Mugino. I loved that scene when Kahoko was asking Mugino the type of girl he likes. Shes so cute!

She also keeps asking different couples how they got together and even tried to learn how to make bento for Mugino.

She googled how to confess to your crush and tried to do it with Mugino as practice partner, but Kahoko horribly failed at her attempt.

Mom is trying to prevent Kahoko from seeing Mugino but of course the more you forbid, the more the person will want to do it.

I find it endearing that Mugino can easily understand Kahoko’s feelings and predict her actions.

I also loved how Dad encourages Kahoko and helps her buy clothes. Kahoko looked pretty in her green dress.

Her mom, on the other hand, is annoying. But then she is like every typical mom who wants the best partner for their child. But they also have to remember that whats important is the compatibility of the couple not just what looks good on paper. Also in the end, it will be the couple who will have to live together, not the in laws so the couple should decide who is the right one for him/her.

Two big scenes at the end perfectly capped this amazing episode.

First is when Kahoko finally stood up for herself and told her mom to stop badmouthing Mugino.

Second is that shocking confession! So cute and Mugino is definitely surprised. Albeit the confession is so fast considering it’s only the 3rd epiaode and we havent seen enough relationshop build up but hey the show only has 10 episodes so i dont mind.

I hope to see more shift in the dynamica in Kahoko’s home where the mom stops dominating everything and the Dad starts speaking up. Am also curious how and when Mugino will come to like Kahoko.

Black ep 5

Todays episode tackled two cases.

The first one is about a boy that Haram rescued in the previous episode. She foresaw his death by being buried alive by a person with bandaged hands. She goes to the boy’s house to spy on him and realized that the teacher is the would-be killer!

We later find out that he has a history of child porn, kidnapped the boy’s friend and the boy tried to rescue his friend.

Good thing Haram was able to stop the teacher, with the help of Black, who unintentionally showed his power.

At the start of the episode, it was mentioned that black cannot help save lives or he could be meddling in human’s affairs. In the end, while he helped catch the teacher, we still see thatthe boy will still die (thr shadows are still following the kid and looks like it’s the boy’s father who will kill him).

The other case that took the other half of this episode was the case of the frozen girl and the old captain. Turns out what happened to soo wan, the frozen friend, Moo gangs past, Royeol chairman and Haram’s dad”s friend are all connected, as i have predicted earlier. This time we see a flashback when the Royeol chairman was caught with a minor girl much to the dismay of the police chief, who was thr chairmans friend.

I’m guessing he did not do anything to stop him then as his job was in jeopardy and maybe fearing he might suddenly squeal now, he was killed (by the same killer in thr previous episodes)

I like how this episode slowed down to actually focus on a few cases and close some of the storylines. With 2 cases down and more connections coming up, maybe we can move forward to the real meat of the show, which i feel is the Moo Gang case and what happened in the past.

I am getting annoyed with the killer..he seems to be everywhere and anywhere and no one has really identified him, but it also shows that the main antagonist is mostly just one person. I’m assuming its the Royeol insurance brother that is ordering all the murders. The question is why. Is it just to clean his father’s mess? Or is he somehow personally involved in all these cases?

The whole grim reaper thing and their sets of rules are still confusing, and doesnt really make sense right now, given as we still dont see any threat to Black’s existence in the human world. The romance between Haram and Black which is the second meaty part of show is also slowly bearing fruit, though i can see that Black is slowly more receptive to Haram. I hope the the grim reaper rules dont go overboard like how W’s rules (that Lee Jong suk drama that started so well) completely got messed up in the end.

Black eps. 2-4

A lot of answers to our initial questions were revealed in the next 3 episodes.

We found out a little bit more about the grim reaper life – a person who commits suicide becomes a grim reaper, whose job is to collect the souls of the dead.. And they are actually the shadows that Haram sees. We are also introduced to 2 of 444’s buddies.. 007 who is an old guy and the rapper who looks alot like tablo (i didnt catch his number).

We also found out why 444 had to possess Moo gang’s body – to look for the loser who went in hiding. The loser is coincidentally that guy who committed suicide at the bridge.

The next few episodes also took us through how 444 is trying to adjust in Moo gang’s body (quite hilariously) and to the confusion of the people around him. He is bolder, braver, smarter, colder, but i am loving this new Moo gang vs the old one.

With 444 possessing Moo gang, he is now also being hunted by the death squad, which so far has not shown up and remains unthreatening.

Haram is still abit of clueless and doing nothing much except sulk, think of her first love Joon, getting to the new Moo gang, arguing with her estranged mom and work on trying to find out more about her father’s death after she meets cutie guy who seems to be very helpful is finding the spider tattooed guy. I would love to see her be more active and using her unusual gift to help solve crimes.

On the other hand, we get a bit of a background on cute guy.. Turns out hes the bastard son of the former owner of Royeol Insurance. Who is now run by his coldhearted half brother. Seems like the dad had some shady dealings as allided by the brothet who is trying to clean up the mess that his dad made.. Im guessing this has to do with the old Chunso insurance, which may also be connected to Haram’s father’s death. For now im happy just seeing Harama and cute guy together. I think they are more suited together.. They look like theyre of the same age and have the same lost lonely puppy look. Im also looking forward for cute guy to dig up something on his brothet, redeem himself and save Royeol insurance. Im just worried he will fall in love with Haram.

Im still confused with the story of Moo gang and Soo wan. Soo wan is hiding something. Maybe related to a gang. We finally see whats on the tape that she was hiding. Too bad moo gang didnt wait long enough to watch it as it sure is going to be interesting and vital to his survival.

In the mean time, aside from the murder in episode 1, we get to see 2 more murders, one is of director of hope mental hospital where the murderer is missing. The othet is theat lady who Haram predicted in thr first episode will freeze to death, and who happens to be Soo wan’s friend) and may be connected to what Moo gang is trying to investigate. Im not sure if the 2 murders are connected. Or if theyre also connected to Harams fathers death. Coz we are now looking for a guy with a hook scar, misisng middle finger and spider tattooed hand.

So far black hasn’t really cared much about Moo gang’s body and his relationship with other people. But when he ound out that someone is trying to kill Moo gang, he will have to continue Moo gang’s investigation before he gets killed. As a rule of the grim reaper, if Moo gang dies while Black is inside Moo gangs body, he will also die since then Moo gang will have died twice.

So far im loving the show but theres too many stories unfolding at thr same time that os is getting hard to follow.. Esp that almost everyone is connected with one another. With every scene and new character we get more queations than answers. But of course after 4 episodes the show is still trying build up thr suspense and the slow revelations. I wouldnt be surprised of thr entire thing is connected to one bigger case.

I am surprised that song seung huns acting in this show. Very different from his usual acting and shows different range of emotions. I cant say the same for Ara though. I think she should be given more material so she can step up and do better.

I would love to see more case working skills from the detectives so they can prove themselves.

The inevitable storyline is the romance between Black and Haram.. Im not yet sure how i feel about it but lets see how it goes.

Black episode 1


Drama: Black (블랙)
Network: OCN
Episodes: 18
Release Date: October 14 – December 10, 2017
Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 22:20
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Black is a detective possessed by the Grim Reaper. Ha-Ram can see shadows of death. These two struggle to save the lives of people, breaking the rules of heaven.

Song Seung-heon – Han Moo-gang (Detective) / Black (Grim Reaper #444)
Go Ara – Kang Ha-ram
Lee El – Yoon Soo-wan
Kim Dong-jun – Oh Man-soo


I didn’t expect this show to have a bit of comedy despite the dark mood. Show started great with the detectives going to a crime scene and black throwing up all over the body. LOL.

Then come next scene we see black and haram meet at a burger shop. Thought its gunny she was wearing double shades. Then that brutal death of her ex boyfriend. I guess this is what i should expect from the show. A mix of comedy and horror.

Hello to my current favorite manager/team leader.

Black is hilarious. He is weak and throws up alot. Anywhere. Everywhere. Song seung hun really suits comedy more than drama.

The next scene of Ara predicting the plane will crash is eerie. And she gets accused of being a terrorist. She says she can foresee death. I feel so bad for Haram. Her ability sucks a lot.

And this cutie (who looks like Han Ga In) heard her say she can foresee death. And hes from an insurance company. Who has to make his dad proud and make Royeol the best insurance company in Korea. Hm.. Im sensing he will use Haram for his company.

I like that we got this conversation at the start of the show. Now all we need is another prediction for black to believe Haram.

And a good prediction she made as she sees a shadow at the back of thr guy who is known in the neighborhood for crying wolf for the past 2 years.

So looks like she can see all sorts of death, not just gruesome murders. And she sees it just a few minutes before death. I wonder if she can really help prevemt death if the person believes in her. Or is it like final destination where you would really die if youre destined to die.

I like what black said to Haram. “the fact that you can foresee death. It’s really cool because that means you can save people’s lives. You should prove it to yourself. That what you have is actually a blessing. Not a curse.”

By now i still dont know what black’s real name is (intentional?). So i will continue calling him black.

Now on to the original murder case. They found silicone on the body and black went to the doctor to find out the patients name. Surprisingly doctor said hes a guy who underwent sex reassignment surgery. When black saw who it was, he looked shocked. I wonder if he knew her. And why did he lie to the captain that he didnt find anything from the doctor?

Then next we see black going to an adandonment warehouse where we see him remember his past. He was outside seeing 2 girls fighting. He goes inside and sees an old school id pin. He was also looking at a 20year old fire case.. Hmm wonder if its related to his past and if he decided to be a cop because of this?

He went back to the station and looked for the girl with the school id from old yearbook pictures. And looks like he recognized her as one of the girls fighting.

And OMG!! Its his friend!! So whats in that tape that Moo gang is looking for?

Haram is now standing bravely and touching shadows on purpose to see how theyll die. First one the mom will die of illness so she couldnt help her. The next guy she touched..she saw something and called up Moo gang, who was preoccupied and told her it was just drunk talk. Lol just when she made the effort to cut her bangs.

Nice guy Moo gang eventually showed up and they were able to arrest the guy. Now lets see if she has prevented death of the guy or not. Turns out she saw a hostage crisis in the mall where the guy was taken hostage and killed.

But wait a minute the hostake taker can just take any other hostage right? And someone else can get killed? So they decided to try to prevent the hostage. And catch the guy before he does anything. Should i be scared that he gets jailed with the would be hostage?

On a side note, which i think would be a central part of the story is that haram and moo gang used to be close classmates. Dont know how they dont recognize each other. People dont stop looking like themselves even after a long time, unless one undergoes drastic surgery.

I knew it was too good to be true! The caught the wrong guy now Moo gang is the hostage!!!

Turns out the would be hostage was the one who was supposed to meet someone in the mall. And now his fate of dying moved to Moo gang as the new hostage!! He got shot, rushed to the hospital and his friend tried to revived him but Moo gang flatlined.

Then he wakes up from the dead!!! With a new fierce attitude and looking like a hot Terminator.

Comments: im intrigued with the show’s premise but there seems to be a lot of things going.. From the murder case of the transgender, to the Mujin fire, to the warehouse friend, plus im assuming we will get weekly cases for Haram and Moogang to solve. Plus add the romance factor and whatever drama Haram has to face. Oh and the cutie insurance guy and the actor. The drama looks ambitious as it tries to tackle all these different storylines and i hope it works.

I also like that the mood isnt too dark, with bits of humor and drama to minimize the darkness of the murders and death.

I like both characters i think they have good chemistry together.

Cant wait to see the next episode!

kahogo no kahoko eps 1-2

Kahogo_no_Kahoko-p01.jpg Drama: Kahogo no Kahoko / Overprotected Kahoko / 過保護のカホコ Network: NTV Episodes: 10 Release Date: July 12, 2017 – Sept 13, 2017 Runtime: Wednesdays 22:00 Language: Japanese Country: Japan Plot Kahoko Nemoto (Mitsuki Takahata) is a naive 21-year-old university student. She relies on her mother, Izumi (Hitomi Kuroki), for everything in her life. Her mother wakes her up everyday, picks up her clothes, while Kahoko Nemoto has never done housework or driven a car. One day, Kahoko Nemoto meets a young man who grew up in a completely opposite environment. Main Cast Mitsuki Takahata – Kahoko Nemoto (lead) Hitomi Kuroki – Izumi Nemoto (mom) Saburō Tokitō – Masataka Nemoto (dad) Ryoma Takeuchi – Hajime Mugino (guy) Review thought i’d switch to a jdrama this week. i wanted to watch something light and short so i tried watching this show. i know there are a lot of parents who have “sheltered”or overprotected their kids so the plot isn’t too unbelievable, though the writing was stretched a bit to make a point. I love Kahoko, she is so sweet and naive like an eager beaver, she maybe average because she relied on her mom too much to actually think and do things on her own but once she has set to do something, she is very earnest and actually does a good job. i feel bad that no one wants to offer her a job and i think it’s mostly because she looks so innocent and does not seem to be able to handle work. there is one scene where the mom was crying and lamenting that the father is accusing her for raising her that way, to be honest, i believe the mom is at fault. the only way to protect your kids is to teach them how to be independent and stand on their own. over protecting them and not exposing them from any danger is only doing yourself good and making yourself better, and not helping your kids. the father, is also at fault, at he has seen this happening yet has not done anything, all the while thinking he’s the lion in the household. i love both sides of the families – the dynamics they have and the interesting characters and personalities. let’s start with the mother’s family. kahoko is the average child while her cousin is the prodigy, yet we see another side of parenting – this time, Ito’s family is trying to save money and support their child achieve their dream of becoming a cellist – yet not realizing that it’s putting a strain to her health and putting too much pressure on her. i love the grandpa who is so jolly and sulks when he doesn’t get his way and the grandma who always prepares delicious food. i love how the uncles and aunts all help each other when kahoko was missing or when ito had to be hospitalized. I felt bad for kahoko after ito’s harsh words. It is the first time kahoko has ever heard anyone say something bad about her. But i totally get what ito was saying that, “a goldfish swimming comfortably in a fish tank like you wouldn’t understand my pain desperately swimming in the raging sea.” kahoko is so average and dumb that everyone helps her and takes care of her while ito is the star and faces so much pressure to succeed. But that is why she is a star.. Only those that take courage will succeed and if she is afraid to take risk then maybe she is better off as an average person. on the other side, we see a different dynamics in the father’s family – and we see why the father is like that. the grandpa and grandma are slow and laidback, the divorced sister is out of jobs, living off her parents and does not really know what to do with her life, completely opposite of the successful and happy mother’s family. i also find it interesting that the mother is such a meerket (i would say Tiger) in her normal place but goes meek and silent in another person’s territory. now we meet Mugino – the guy that has totally opposite life against Kahoko. at first i was put off by his attitude, his street smartness comes off as arrogant and condescending, just because he works, lives alone and has been exposed to life doesnt make him better than Kahoko. at first i thought him letting her work part time on her birthday was his way of taking a break, then i realized it’s his way to teaching her and making her experience what life is all about when you do something using our own hands and sweat. i still dont know much about the guy’s past since it’s just the second episode to comment on what made him be like that. he’s trying to be a painter but obviously he is better off sketching portraits and people rather than painting abstract. overall, im hooked on this show – i want to see how each one learns and grows (esp Kahoko and mom and dad) and how Mugino will hopefully learns about family (if he gets more interaction with Kahoko’s families).

splash splash love (2015)


TV Movie: Splash Splash Love (퐁당퐁당 LOVE)
Network: MBC
Episodes: 2
Release Date: December 13 – December 20, 2015
Runtime: Sundays 24:05
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Dan-Bi (Kim Seul-Gi) is a senior high school student. She has a special ability which allows her to transport to anywhere on rainy days. For her university entrance exam, Dan-Bi can’t deal with the pressure and runs off to a playground. Without knowing why, she goes into a puddle and finds herself transported to the Joseon period. There, she meets Lee Do (Yoon Doo-Joon). He is a young King of the Joseon period. Lee Do is in a difficult situation due to droughts and the spread of an epidemic.

Kim Seul-gi – Jang Dan bi / Jang Yeong sil
Yoon Doo-joon – Lee Do



Wahh…i loved this tv movie! i wished this was an actual kdrama with 16 episodes so that i can savor the relationship between Lee do and Dan bi. What i loved most was not only the relationship between the two but also the friendship they shared. i thought they were the perfect match – to think a future king would listen to a high school student in the modern times. The movie focused on the past times and how Dan bi helped saved ancient joseon from drought using her high school math skills. if you think about it, we really have come a long way, technology is so advanced that a high school kid failing math can actually become a renowned and respected genius in Joseon. as for all time traveling shows, as much as we want them to have their happy ever after, it’s impossible so the next best thing is to see Lee Do lookalike in the modern world. I see what they did there, the guy at the bus scene was actually the lookalike but Danbi never noticed him. What could have been better? if the modern Lee Do actually had a crush on her before or will it be creepy if he was an actual descendant to Lee Do?

Kim Seulgi, as usual, is so charming and effective in her role as Danbi. And Doo joon has improved and looked so handsome.

I am too late to wish for a second season but i guess i can just rewatch this movie.

oh my ghost eps. 1-10


i went to KL for a few weeks in October and November and couldn’t watch any new kdramas so i ended up watching this show in Netflix.

Drama: Oh My Ghost (오 나의 귀신님)
Network: tvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: July 3 – August 22, 2015
Runtime: Fri & Sat 20:30
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Na Bong-Sun (Park Bo-Young) works as an assistant chef. Because of her timid personality and low self-esteem, she doesn’t have any friends. Since she was a child, she has been able to ghosts because of her shaman grandmother. One day, she becomes possessed by seductress ghost Shin Soon-Ae.

Kang Sun-Woo (Cho Jung-Seok) is a star chef. Na Bong-Sun has a secret crush on him. He is good looking and confident as a chef. Even though he is popular with women, he has yet to get over his ex-girlfriend. He begins to notice Na Bong-Sun after her sudden change.

Halftime review:

I heard lots of good things about this show so i finally took the chance to watch a few episodes. I admit i’m not that invested, and it’s mostly because i dont feel the chemistry between Bongsun and Sunwoo. One, Bongsun seems too young and inexperienced for the celebrity chef. Two, the only reason Sun Woo started to notice her was when the ghost possessed Bong sun, so technically, i dont believe that Sun woo is in love with Bongsun, but rather he’s in love with Soon-ae as Bong sun. I dont like Bong sun, i always keep wishing Soon ae possesses her again so Bong sun will be livelier and more charming. I also dont believe that a celebrity chef will like an anonymous blogger’s simple dishes – i think it’s just a way to show that Sun woo really is in love with Bong sun even before the possessed Bong sun.

I am continuing to watch the show because of Soon ae, i want to find out how she died and how she can move on to heaven. i know the creepy brother in law is responsible for her death, i just dont know how. Is he also possessed – is he aware he is possessed by an evil spirit or is he one and the same? Kim Seul gi is also a refreshing actress to watch. She is so hilarious and at the same time can move you to tears.

It’s my first time to watch Jo Jung suk and i would say it wont be the last time. he’s actually cute and pretty good actor, though sometimes he has an expression on his face which i dont know if he’s acting or he’s laughing.

Ugh, the sous chef was annoying in Bring it on ghost and he’s also annoying in this show. he is so arrogant but trying to be cute. I wish Cordon will have a bigger role – i’m not sure if he’s supposed to be the second lead and if he has a one sided crush on Bongsun – but i think his simple and quiet personality matches that of Bongsun, more than Sunwoo. Now if only we can bring Soon ae back from the dead, then i am all for Sun woo and Soon ae pairing!

I’m not sure if i still want to finish the show, or if i will be fastforwarding the scenes just to see how it all ends.

Oh, funny how Park Bo Young ended up portraying 2 characters called Bong sun.


chief kim eps 5-20 (end)

Things i loved about the show:

  1. Definitely Chief Kim – his weird and tacky fashion, to his brilliant ideas, his endless charm and optimism. sometimes his earnestness and stubbornness seem too much but that’s how you fight the bad guys. i love that he grew up at the end, from being a smart aleck for the bad guys to a good guy who found his sense of purpose
  2. Seo Yul – he was really an a$$ through most part of the show, and yet i was intrigued by his character and wanted him to succeed. i’m so glad he went to the good side. i would have loved a romance with Nam Sang Mi’s character coz i felt the chemistry and attraction between them.
  3. Chief Kim and Seo Yul’s bromance was really charming and funny. These are two guys who are smart and strategic – i am sure they will have more friendly competition and smart assery between them.
  4. Manager Choo – i loved the actor after seeing him in Strongwoman do bong soon, he played a different character this time but still loved him. he is the kind of manager i would like – someone who listens and tries to help and support his team through the ups and down.
  5. Kwang Sook’s loyalty to Chief Kim was sweet – she is a great assistant to Chief Kim, she is so cute too and hilarious, esp when she uses a low voice when angry. I also loved her friendship with Ha Kyung.
  6. all the accounting talk – i’m an accountant/ auditor in my day job so watching a show about accounting and fraud was interesting. however, they focused too much on the money trail and fraud, though, when there are more aspects to accounting than that. they also didn’t show in detail how the whole fraud worked and just said that everything was covered up or auditors were paid so a big fraud like that was never detected. a bit impossible and unrealistic but it’s kdrama.

Things that could have been improved:

As mentioned above, i dont believe a guy can get away that long without anyone detecting or noticing where all the money is going. and i can’t believe not a single person had the nerve to speak up, even the accounting head just willingly faked the books. also i didn’t understand the purpose of the business operations team as they seemed to be busier than the entire accounting team – are they supposed to be the accounts payable team that handled reimbursements or if they did other stuff like reporting because it’s hard to believe they are so busy.  i would have also loved to see more technical and more sub plots that show other aspects of accounting fraud or cases as there are a lot of things management can do to manipulate the books or employees can do to cheat on management.

i also would have liked the boss’ son to have stepped up by the end of the show and show that he is able to handle to take over the ceo position after his dad got incarcerated, but mini steps will do. we did see him grow up a lot, from being a party boy who didn’t care about the company and people to a team player who is following his mother’s footsteps. kudos to him too for having the courage to stand up for what’s right and help his dad go to jail.

we know that chief kim did some funny stuff before he joined the company but he never got arrested because everything he did was legal.. i also hoped he learned that while legal, it’s not necessary good. im not sure if he should have faced a little jail time or something so he can also take accountability for his past actions. suddenly being good and righteous and helping catch the real bad guy will not excuse you from your past mistakes, but at least it shows you are capable of changing for the better.

also, the show at 20 episodes, dragged a bit. we see the same storyline (bad guy keeps getting away, chief kim can’t find the evidence, etc) going around in circles for the last 3-4 episodes when everything could have been neatly finished in 16 episodes.

a short special where they all meet again and solve a short case will be fun to watch!


Hi there! I am sorry for not updating the site with new posts i was so busy the past 3 months traveling that i havent gotten a chance to sit down and write new reviews. I have a finished a few dramas and started some more series but couldnt find the moment to write my thoughts. Now that christmad is coming i have a few days of rest, hopefully i will be able to start writing again and post more reviews. Please watch out for it.