Kahogo no Kahoko eps. 9-10 (end)

I have mixed feelings about the last two episodes. First, is sadness because Baaba died. I believe she was the strength that tied thr whole family together. She was wise and cheerfuland i will so miss her. I feel that she deserved a better family though because her children keeps fighting, are jealous of each … Continue reading Kahogo no Kahoko eps. 9-10 (end)


Kahogo no Kahoko ep. 8

I didn't like this episode mainly for two things. One, the two younger sisters are terrible!! i understand they have their own problems, but how can they just say that they can't help shoulder their mom's funeral expenses and take care of their father? if i were the parents i would feel bad that my … Continue reading Kahogo no Kahoko ep. 8

rich man poor woman eps 1-4

originally written in April 2014 Title: リッチマン、プアウーマン Title (English): Rich Man, Poor Woman Genre: Romantic comedy Broadcast network: Fuji TV Format: Renzoku Episodes: 11 Viewership rating: 12.4% (Kanto) Broadcast period: 2012-Jul-09 to 2012-Sep-17 Air time: Monday 21:00 Synopsis Oguri Shun plays Hyuga Toru, an affluent man whose personality is on the contrary, speckled with flaws. … Continue reading rich man poor woman eps 1-4