Kahogo no Kahoko eps. 9-10 (end)

I have mixed feelings about the last two episodes.

First, is sadness because Baaba died. I believe she was the strength that tied thr whole family together. She was wise and cheerfuland i will so miss her. I feel that she deserved a better family though because her children keeps fighting, are jealous of each other and selfish. It was only when she died that they kind of acknowledge and remembered the old times when they were kids and enjoyed each others company.

I also feel sad for Jiiji. He seems so lost without Baaba. Throughout the series they portrayed him as this hot tempered funny Jiiji so it was nice to see another side of him.

I feel frustration for Tamaki and Mamoru. So we find out they were both weak people and got married to support each other. But things got hard and they bailed and got divorced. What?!? They could have just separated first without divorcing. Why did they rush it only to make up in the end? But i think the purpose of the whole break up was for them to realize and reset. They got married because they thought they needed each other. But now they realize that they cnat live each other and they are getting married again. This time with better intentions.

I didnt like how they resolved Ito’s storyline. Upto the last few scenese she was this big rebelling brat who didnt care for her family. Then she had that showdown with Kahoko preventing her from selling her cello and her parents dragging her off the van. A few scenese later she make this one big apology and everythings fine. I dont think so. She hurt a lot of people because she was hurting herself. But that did not excuse her behavior. She shouldnt have been given a free pass. In a way i actually liked that she was veering away from music. I thought it was just pressure for her but i guess she really loved it in the end.

Izumi didnt really change much. She was still sulky when things dont go her way. What i have come to appreciate is no matter how strict or mean she looks she only has best intentions and she will come and rescue everyone from disaster like a supermom. I loved how she handled Baaba’s passing and Kahoko’s near disastrous wedding. As for the dad, he is speaking up more and i hope he continous to be the sane one in the family.

Biggest dismay of thr show is Hajime and Kahoko’s wedding. I feel it didnt makr sense that they will go and get married so soon aftet they met, and so soon after Baaba’s death. It feels like they were rushing to be together whrn they have a whole lifetime to do it. And i disagree with what Hajimr said when he was trying to convince Kahoko to continue the wedding. He said something like it is the right time to get married so there will be joy in the family. That’s BS. If this was real life i will say Hajime is smooth talking Kahoko. So no, i object to the wedding and didnt feel family that it happened.

I felt happiness however that Kahoko finally found her true calling, which is to take care of other people as much as the love she has received from her fmaily over the years. Seems correct that The overprotected is now the one protecting. She seemed to like kids so its nice to see her interacting with them

I did feel that it was unfair for Baaba to pass on the burden of continuing to take care of family in Kahoko’s hands. She is too young and still too naive. Also surprising that Baaba didnt leave it to Izumi. I think its because Kahoko has more heart than her mom even though she still makes mistakes her earnestness makes up for it. And it was correct that Kahoko and Hajime moved to the big house to take care of Jiiji seeing that she became the new Baaba. So nice to see her doing the housework a year later. For a second i thought she would be pregnant lol.

Overall it was a happy ever after for everyone. I wouldnt say i was 100% satisfied with the ending but it was still a good way to end the show. Im looking forwardto see more of the lead actress shows in the future. I hope she plays a different character than Kahoko.


Kahogo no Kahoko ep. 8

I didn’t like this episode mainly for two things. One, the two younger sisters are terrible!! i understand they have their own problems, but how can they just say that they can’t help shoulder their mom’s funeral expenses and take care of their father? if i were the parents i would feel bad that my own children do not care of me. as for Izumi, as the eldest sister, i think she is right to take charge as she seems to be the rational one and is the head of the family but i dont like how she always sulks if she doesn’t get her way. she can just work with her sisters or convince them to help rather than drop everything and say she will never help out. that’s exactly what she did with Kahoko and now she is doing it to her own sisters too. hay. i feel like this family is hopeless. Even Ito’s actions is just too pathetic. i thought after the party she would at least have a little heart, but no, she just kept on rebelling. to the point of going to Hajime, fully knowing he just broke up with her cousin to ask him out. i think she doesn’t really like Hajime, she just wants him to get back at Kahoko. I’m glad Hajime is smart enough to known and put her in her place. The other thing i didn’t like is the sudden progression of Hajime and Kahoko’s relationship. hasn’t it been just a few weeks since they met, dated, broke up and now they suddenly decided to get married? that’s absurd! Kahoko does not even know what she wants, she can’t even decide for herself, now she thinks she can just go and get married and be fine since they love each other and she will just support Hajime? if this was real life, they would have broken up and divorced in less than a year. A little backtrack, how they ended up in a marriage proposal is Kahoko finding the orphanage where Hajime used to live and them meeting his mother. I didn’t expect Hajime’s reaction to seeing his mom. It was definitely full of resentment and anger, while the mom was full of regrets. I wished that somehow they could mend their relationship. not as quick as Hajime and Kahoko’s relationship but at least Hajime will be open to talking to her now and then, not totally cold and bitter. I’m still sad that Baaba is dying and I dont think there’s a way for her to get better as all the doctors are saying it’s useless and the last scene we find out that Baaba collapse. I hope if she ever dies, that they won’t show it at all or I will bawl my heart out.. the way Jiiji was crying. I haven’t been posting updates on the father’s side of the family because they are just plain boring. Oh i liked the marriage hunting party scenese that Kahoko went yo. Thr guys are hilarious though its not as if Kahoko is really a catch if you think about it. And funny that Hajime and Kahoko meets in one of the parties.

Kahogo no Kahoko ep 7

Two main things were tackled during this episode.. How will the family discover Baaba’s sickness and Kahoko and her mom’s continuing silent war.

Lets start with Baaba. I felt it was quite unfair for her to tell Kahoko not to disclose her sickness to the family.. That is such a big burden to keep, esp since the last time she tried to hide a secret.. Her cousin lost her chance of playing cello again.

Meanwhile, kahoko has no one to confide in but Hajime who has been such a nice guy supporting her and listening to her. He even went to Baaba’s house since Baaba wanted to meet him and distracted Jiiji when the conversation but too difficult.

Hajime also joined Kahoko to go to Ito’s house and wait for her. It is Ito’s bday and Baaba wanted the family to have a nice meal and Kahoko is trying so hard to convince her to attend her own bday party which she rejected. I am really annoyed with Ito. I hope something bad happens to her so she would realize she is being such a b*tch.

Theres more family problems as we see Tamaka and her husband have marriage troubles. Turns out they married because they thought they could help each other si ce both are week. Tamaki shoplifts when her asthma acts up while her husband is a drunk.

Poor Kahoko. Her bag gets heavier as she takes more and more family problems. And i feel bad seeing her try to put abig smile on her face as if her family is not falling apart.

Surprisingly the silent war between mom and Kahoko did not become such a big deal this episode. But it looks like it’s her mom who is having it harder than Kahoko as Kahoko is preoccupied with other problems. I think mom is slowly finding the balance between getting too interfering and to learning when to stop and ask questions when needed. I also liked the mom for stepping up and supporting Kahoko in this episode. I hope she is finally seeing Kahoko is not as useless as she thinks she is but is actually very strong girl.

Case in point, Kahoko worked really hard to hit the ball to buy Ito the frog.. It wasnt the teddy bear but i thought it was such a sincere effort for her to do it for a cousinwho is not worth it. Im shocked that Ito is still cold hearted and still told everyone that she didnt consider them as her family. what nerve!!! If i wad the mom i would have slapped her and make her leave the house. That ungrateful kid.

The family meal was such a disaster. Ito washer usual self, which Izumi agreed and said i dont like you for ridiculing my daughter and thinking youre always better than her. Of course that trigfered Ito’s mom to defend Ito and tell Izumi that she is the arrogant one. Then Tamaki and husband starts fighting. Not to mention the endless interrogation of Izumi with Hajime and how he doesnt have a good future and Izumi doesnt like him for Kahoko.

When all hell was breaking loose, Kahoko couldnt stand it and scolded her family.. And ran away.

After kahoko ran away, Baaba finally had the courage to tell everyone that she is dyingand Kahoko was just helping them have a good dinner.

Hajime ran after Kahoko who started scolding him about the importanceof family etc until Hajime got so angry that they are so different and they should breka up . Which Kahoko agreed. I think Kahoko was totally wrong here. She was forcing Hajime about family family family when he clearly was uncomfortable. She should have listened more and supported him rather than forcing her opinions on him. Hence i didnt feel an ounceof pity when she cried after Hajime broke uo with her. She needs to wake up and realize everything is not always about her . Hajime has being nothing but so good to her.. Supporting her, listening to her, giving her advice yet she took him for granted. I wohld love to see her grovel and ask forgiveness in the next episode.

Kahogo no Kahoko ep. 6

This episode was partly hilarious partly sad as we all the couples have disagreements and arguments.

Kahoko’s mom left the house and stayed Jiji and Baba’s house while reflecting. I hate that she has such a cold face and icy demeanor. She also seems to hold a grudge and refuse to give way. Kahoko and the dad has repeatedly apologized and asked her to come back but she is still being stubborn. I hope that she will be more forgiving, more understanding of her family’ s feelings and less selfish. The last scene showed mom and Kahoko waging a war between them. I do hope Kahoko wins. Not only will she be more mature after the war, im hoping the mom will be more loving. 

The mom’s sisters are also fighting with their husbands.. Tamaki regretting tha tshe married her husband, that maybe she settled or married because she was afraid of growing old alone. Oh no. I do hope thats not true. Though i can understand what she means. Plus normally those that are so affectionate in oublic and in social media are always the troubled couple. 

The other sister is fighting with her hisband because of Ito. The husband is sayi g that she didnt do a good job raising Ito hence she is rebelling. This accusation did not sit well with the sister. I would do if the husband told me too. I would probably rip his eyes out. Lol.

So the 3 sisters ended up staying at jiji and baba’s house in the meantime.

During dinner, the 3 sisters ganged up on the dad saying he wasnt that helpful raising them, all the work was done by their mom etc. 

He got hurt and left the house to go to Kahoko’s house… Which is where Kahoko’s dad plus the two brother in law were staying in the meantime. Hahaha.

Not only that, even Kahoko’s dad’s father also left the house to stay with them. And of course he is just sleeping the entire time. 

Kahoko is the only girl in the house and she struggles and fails epically to maintain the house. She doesnt know where everything is, burns the food, buys the expensive meat. 

Finally Kahoko got frustrated by the 5 men and persuaded them to go and apologized to their wives. They all went there and overheard the wives’ sentiments, feelings about them and their marriage. I felt sad for the husbands hearing the harsh words from the ladies. Eventually the wives all came home to their husbands. I do hope that all have a happy reconciliation at the end.

On the side note, we find out that Kahoko’s dad’s sister was swindled by her business partner and is feeling lost and ashamed. She had a talk with Kahoko. I hope she also starts making better choices in life so she wont be so pathetic.

Ito is still behaving really badly. She changed her hairstyle and her fashion. I feel like she is still trying to fogure out whatto do with her life as she feels like she lost her purpose. I hope she doesnt get into too much trouble and start listening to others. It doesnt hurt to live your life the way you want them to, i am surely she feels freer than she ever did before, but i hope she also tempers that freedom and use it wisely.

Finally as for Kahoko and Mugino’s relationship, Mugino is still trying to prepare himself to directly tell her how he feels about her. I understand how he feels. I also felt so scared and uncomfortable saying those 3 words initially but eventually, learned to say it when i was ready.

 The same for Mugino. he was able to say it in the moment when he was staring at Kahoko. And her reaction of not realizing until too late that it was his declaration of love and telling him to repeat it was hilarious and loads of cuteness. But that was the best thing, when you actually say it and really mean it. 

I love that the each episode is fast paced and really moves the story forward. It is also quite ambitious trying to tell stories of each of the couples in jist a few episodes but i love that they all dont feel rushed and actually makes sense. 

However the last scene where Kahoko (and the viewers) find out that Jiji is dying is just so shocking and heartbreaking!! Why put such a big and tragic storyline!!! I dontwant her to die!! She is just a sweet grandma. And i feel like she holds the fmaily together. Or maybe her death will be the flue that will bring peace in the family too. Oh no. Suddenly i feel sad going to the next episode.

Kahogo no Kahoko ep. 5

I really dont like the mom! There i said it. I find her selfish, like whatever she is doing for the dad and Kahoko is not really for them but for herself, and her ego. I understand how hard it was for her to bear Kahoko, but she is so controlling and blames other people if they get into arguments.

When dad left, instead of acknowledging his efforts or even apologizing, she didnt even seem to care that he left, and she said it was rightful coz he was demeaning the role of the housewife. Well, isnt she demeaning her husbands role in the household too?

And she wont let Kahoko go. She has to control who she dates, where she works. I know she means well but it is not doing Kahoko any good with all the things she is doing. Kahoko definitely appreciates her help but it’s time to let her find herself and fly.

For this episode, it is the mom who leaves the house and im not exaxtly sad about it. I think she needs time to process all the changes that is happening to her household and come back with a better mindset.

I think she is just scared that no one will need her anymore and she wont be useful. But she can still be able to do that.. Cheering Kahoko on and supporting her husband without being controlling.

You know she has gone too far when even her own mom is giving her advice.

Im happy to see Dad back at home but i didnt see a definitive resolution to his issue, that he feels like he is just a sponsor, but it helps that Kahogo went to the house and tell him that he misses her. And the mom and dad should seriously talk and their relationship has to change.

As for Kahoko, she is just getting better every episode. This time she finally told her mom that she can go home in her own and she can choose her own clothes. Quite big deal for her as she starts to learn to be independent and have own her choices. She also made her own bento box and gave it to Mugino.

She also started working but she may need to do more work to find her special skills.

Mugino and Kahoko are also growing closer. Mugino gives her advice on how to handle her mom and dad. This scene was so cute.

We also find out more about Muginos’ family, esp about his mom. And the sweet Kahoko continues to cheer him on and support him.

Which leads him to go to Kahoko’s family and state that he will continue to meet with Kahoko. Awww.

Last bit, Ito is getting worse. She is acting out and her family is confused. Wonder how or what will make her stop? Hope to find out more in the next episode!

Kahogo no Kahoko ep. 4

There were lots of developments in this episode, both in character’s growth and storyline progression. First, is the inevitable silent war between mother and daughter. I love how Kahoko is still so nice even with a little rebellion, like choosing to wear the other dress that her mom did not choose. In the end, mother daughter made up without too much fuss, and as if nothing happened. Poor dad he ends up getting in the middle of the war, and having to mediate between the two. Dad is quite sweet listening to Kahoko and buying her food when she skipped her meal, even when the mom wouldn’t let him. Dad is star of this episode, as he mediated mom and Kahoko to make up and persuaded Mugino to continue seeing Kahoko. But of course the lion has its limits, as dad has had it with being silent and helping in the background and not getting any appreciation or thanks for his efforts. He had a similarly epic tantrum like Kahoko in the previous episode and walked out of the house. On the other hand, i liked how they showed Mugino rejecting Kahoko nicely. It was funny seeing him practice his speech and for Kahoko to almost hear it. Mugino explained that it doesnt make sense for them to be together since he doesnt like someone who is too sheltered, which would make sense from outside but opposites can attract too. I feel for rejected Kahoko. Such a brave young woman, despite being overprotected, she knows how to handle rejection. She put on her best brave face until she went home and cried her eyes out. And funny to see her google for ways to get over her crush. Makes me wonder if she has any friends at all. Kahoko also tries her very first beer and ended up drinking lots of glasses. She was so drunk she ran over to Mugino’s studio to tell him to never give up being an artist even though she can no longer see him. The next scene with Mugino asking her opinion on his artworks and Kahoko totally trashing everything was just so hilarious, i had to make this gif. This is a complete opposite of Ito when she visited Mugino. I don’t know what her purpose was for visiting him. Was it her thinking that he liked her or was she just being polite since he visited her in the hospital, or was she too confident to think that she is pretty and talented. Either way it didn’t matter since Mugino totally rejected her. Well, not romantically, but he told her how awful she is for blaming everyone else, like her parents who worked hard for her, and that he wouldnt want to sketch her while she is in this “ugly” state. Oh and Mugino also showed her the same paintings and she just kept saying it was good. Ito also needs to be pitied because she might be in the brink of depression and self destructive state, but right now she needs to get a hold of herself, get down from her high pedestal and seek help. Glad to see Mugino is not afraid to say those things as that is what she needs right now. The last scene of Mugino and Kahoko talking with Mugino saying he needs her, not romantically but as friend and critic is just nice. And i love Kahoko’s reaction that this is the first time someone actually needed her and that it’s nice to hear someone say see you tomorrow. I am looking forward to see how they will resolve the issue with the dad feeling unappreciated in the next episode. I also like that the drama is taking it slow when it comes to the romance between Mugino and Kahoko because it looks more believeable and realistic, and much more bittersweet ehen they finally get together. I think they are quite a match. Mugino can teach Kahoko about real life and working hard while Kahoko can teach her to be cheerful and optimistic no matter the trials they face.

Mugino by now should realize that his skill is in sketching life form rather than painting those abstract art. And i also hope Kahoko can start choosing her own clothes (and change her fashion style too).

Kahogo no kahoko ep. 3

Loved this episode so much that made a lot of gifs for my favorite scenes.

For the first time Kahoko likes a guy and doesnt know what to do. She acts so awkwardly to the clueless Mugino. I loved that scene when Kahoko was asking Mugino the type of girl he likes. Shes so cute!

She also keeps asking different couples how they got together and even tried to learn how to make bento for Mugino.

She googled how to confess to your crush and tried to do it with Mugino as practice partner, but Kahoko horribly failed at her attempt.

Mom is trying to prevent Kahoko from seeing Mugino but of course the more you forbid, the more the person will want to do it.

I find it endearing that Mugino can easily understand Kahoko’s feelings and predict her actions.

I also loved how Dad encourages Kahoko and helps her buy clothes. Kahoko looked pretty in her green dress.

Her mom, on the other hand, is annoying. But then she is like every typical mom who wants the best partner for their child. But they also have to remember that whats important is the compatibility of the couple not just what looks good on paper. Also in the end, it will be the couple who will have to live together, not the in laws so the couple should decide who is the right one for him/her.

Two big scenes at the end perfectly capped this amazing episode.

First is when Kahoko finally stood up for herself and told her mom to stop badmouthing Mugino.

Second is that shocking confession! So cute and Mugino is definitely surprised. Albeit the confession is so fast considering it’s only the 3rd epiaode and we havent seen enough relationshop build up but hey the show only has 10 episodes so i dont mind.

I hope to see more shift in the dynamica in Kahoko’s home where the mom stops dominating everything and the Dad starts speaking up. Am also curious how and when Mugino will come to like Kahoko.

kahogo no kahoko eps 1-2

Kahogo_no_Kahoko-p01.jpg Drama: Kahogo no Kahoko / Overprotected Kahoko / 過保護のカホコ Network: NTV Episodes: 10 Release Date: July 12, 2017 – Sept 13, 2017 Runtime: Wednesdays 22:00 Language: Japanese Country: Japan Plot Kahoko Nemoto (Mitsuki Takahata) is a naive 21-year-old university student. She relies on her mother, Izumi (Hitomi Kuroki), for everything in her life. Her mother wakes her up everyday, picks up her clothes, while Kahoko Nemoto has never done housework or driven a car. One day, Kahoko Nemoto meets a young man who grew up in a completely opposite environment. Main Cast Mitsuki Takahata – Kahoko Nemoto (lead) Hitomi Kuroki – Izumi Nemoto (mom) Saburō Tokitō – Masataka Nemoto (dad) Ryoma Takeuchi – Hajime Mugino (guy) Review thought i’d switch to a jdrama this week. i wanted to watch something light and short so i tried watching this show. i know there are a lot of parents who have “sheltered”or overprotected their kids so the plot isn’t too unbelievable, though the writing was stretched a bit to make a point. I love Kahoko, she is so sweet and naive like an eager beaver, she maybe average because she relied on her mom too much to actually think and do things on her own but once she has set to do something, she is very earnest and actually does a good job. i feel bad that no one wants to offer her a job and i think it’s mostly because she looks so innocent and does not seem to be able to handle work. there is one scene where the mom was crying and lamenting that the father is accusing her for raising her that way, to be honest, i believe the mom is at fault. the only way to protect your kids is to teach them how to be independent and stand on their own. over protecting them and not exposing them from any danger is only doing yourself good and making yourself better, and not helping your kids. the father, is also at fault, at he has seen this happening yet has not done anything, all the while thinking he’s the lion in the household. i love both sides of the families – the dynamics they have and the interesting characters and personalities. let’s start with the mother’s family. kahoko is the average child while her cousin is the prodigy, yet we see another side of parenting – this time, Ito’s family is trying to save money and support their child achieve their dream of becoming a cellist – yet not realizing that it’s putting a strain to her health and putting too much pressure on her. i love the grandpa who is so jolly and sulks when he doesn’t get his way and the grandma who always prepares delicious food. i love how the uncles and aunts all help each other when kahoko was missing or when ito had to be hospitalized. I felt bad for kahoko after ito’s harsh words. It is the first time kahoko has ever heard anyone say something bad about her. But i totally get what ito was saying that, “a goldfish swimming comfortably in a fish tank like you wouldn’t understand my pain desperately swimming in the raging sea.” kahoko is so average and dumb that everyone helps her and takes care of her while ito is the star and faces so much pressure to succeed. But that is why she is a star.. Only those that take courage will succeed and if she is afraid to take risk then maybe she is better off as an average person. on the other side, we see a different dynamics in the father’s family – and we see why the father is like that. the grandpa and grandma are slow and laidback, the divorced sister is out of jobs, living off her parents and does not really know what to do with her life, completely opposite of the successful and happy mother’s family. i also find it interesting that the mother is such a meerket (i would say Tiger) in her normal place but goes meek and silent in another person’s territory. now we meet Mugino – the guy that has totally opposite life against Kahoko. at first i was put off by his attitude, his street smartness comes off as arrogant and condescending, just because he works, lives alone and has been exposed to life doesnt make him better than Kahoko. at first i thought him letting her work part time on her birthday was his way of taking a break, then i realized it’s his way to teaching her and making her experience what life is all about when you do something using our own hands and sweat. i still dont know much about the guy’s past since it’s just the second episode to comment on what made him be like that. he’s trying to be a painter but obviously he is better off sketching portraits and people rather than painting abstract. overall, im hooked on this show – i want to see how each one learns and grows (esp Kahoko and mom and dad) and how Mugino will hopefully learns about family (if he gets more interaction with Kahoko’s families).

rich man poor woman eps 1-4

originally written in April 2014


Title: リッチマン、プアウーマン
Title (English): Rich Man, Poor Woman
Genre: Romantic comedy
Broadcast network: Fuji TV

Format: Renzoku
Episodes: 11
Viewership rating: 12.4% (Kanto)
Broadcast period: 2012-Jul-09 to 2012-Sep-17
Air time: Monday 21:00

Oguri Shun plays Hyuga Toru, an affluent man whose personality is on the contrary, speckled with flaws. A CEO of an IT firm who is published on Forbes as a billionaire, Toru attained his fortune through chance and pure luck. A woman who meets Toru and eventually becomes attracted to him is Sawaki Chihiro, played by Ishihara Satomi. Chihiro is a hardworking college student at Tokyo University who has prepared for her future as much as she possibly could through studies and obtaining licenses. Despite her efforts, she has yet to land a job. Upon meeting Toru, she begins to unravel a genuine pureness inside him and solitude resulting from such pureness, which eventually draws her closer to him. The two repeatedly conflict each other, but little by little learn about one another to grow and develop together.

Despite the worldwide recession and financial difficulties, there are people like Mark Zuckerberg who began work from merely an apartment room or a garage that end up growing to be companies generating over ten billion dollars revenues after merely 10 years or so, embracing their new found wealth by living the dream life. Whether it’s a game or application software, Ecommerce, or other IT related firm, there are more than a few who rose in fame to such status in recent years. On the other hand, Japan’s unemployment rate for new grads dropped to a record low and those who want to work are unable to, or their wishes to work at their company of choice is not granted.

A Cinderella story of the real world. Will the two be able to compromise their values and lifestyles to become a happy couple? –Fuji TV

episode 1-2

loving the show! very fast paced! hyuga is like a weird genius with awful bedside manners while sawaki is naive and sweet. i love that they affect each other positively.. sawaki making hyuga more “humane” and sensitive and hyuga making sawaki more confident about herself. i’m intrigued as to why sawaki pretended to be sawaki (hyuga’s mom’s name), but im guessing she knows him and the mom from before.. maybe a childhood friend? asahina seems like a nice guy, complete opposite to hyuga’s weirdness but somehow i find him fake — there are some moments where he has this look on his face like he is jealous or plotting something. let’s see. as for his sister yoko, im not sure what’s the point of her — she seems to know hyuga too and is following him around. im guessing the project about the personal files is more so that hyuga can find his mother. i wonder if he will ever meet his mom. i find it funny that sawaki is in and out of the company (good thing the employees are not wondering too!) and for some reason hyuga and sawaki has an immediate connection – is it because they seem to complement each other?

episodes 3-4

these episodes explained a lot — from sawaki sharing how she met hyuga and his mom, to asahina reminiscing how he first met hyuga and eventually set up next innovation, to yoko telling hyuga how they first met and “fell in love”? (that is what im getting from her story). i feel bad for yoko — a guy she loved before can’t even remember their time together! i dont know about his condition (i need to google!) but i thought he is bad with faces and names but i guess he also doesn’t remember the memories and conversations from his past too — like amnesia?! then how come he remembers asahina? is it because he sees him everyday?

and i was wondering how sawaki will get into next innovation again and i like how they did it. i really love their interaction together!!! and sawaki is too adorable once she dropped her job hunting clothes (though i feel like she looks younger beside hyuga). i still can’t get over finding out her real name – natsui makoto — im already used to calling her sawaki chihiro 🙂

i still dont know what to make of yoko.. looks like she is the love triangle but i just feel like she’s is holding on to a past with hyuga that he doesn’t even remember and seems like he is not even interested in her now. so aside from the love triangle thing, i dont know what else her part in the series is supposed to be. will her relentless talk about the past help him in some way?

as for the brother — looks like the real side of him is slowly showing up.. im guessing he will do something that will hurt hyuga and he will take next innovation away from him. which is sad since he seems to be hyuga’s only friend – i will feel bad if he turns out to be lying and pretending to be his friend all this time!!

can’t wait to watch the next couple of episodes!

rich man poor woman eps 5-11 (end)

originally posted in April 2014.

episode 5

looks like makoto and hyuga went on a field trip. it’s nice to see a story progression on how a system or a project is built from the concept to the testing and the problems related to it like servers, funding, etc. i also liked seeing hyuga the young entrepreneur and aoyama the old entrepreneur meet – hyuga can learn a thing or two from him. i like how makoto is always there supporting him and giving him (or reminding him?) a fresh perspective – i dont think hyuga has a lot of confidantes in the office, except for asahina.


speaking of asahina, he is slowly turning into the bad friend i was fearing him to be. the first few episodes we saw him being such a good friend and mentor but suddenly, because of that one thing sakuragi said in the second episode about him being a coward who never fails, he is now harboring plans to put down hyuga.. now i wonder how long he has been stirring in jealousy and harboring such thoughts about hyuga. when hyuga proposed selling his shares i immediately knew that was asahina’s plan to become a major shareholder and force him out.. but what’s the point? he would get the company but hyuga is the heart and soul of the company. i doubt if asahina is a genius enough to take over or maybe he just wants to prove to hyuga that he bested him? as for hyuga, that would be a huge blow to him, being betrayed by a good friend and losing the company but then so what? he can just put up another company — im sure all the employees would gladly leave asahina and follow him.. i guess his only problem would be funding. but if a person is good and he creates a good product then success and money will eventually follow him.

i still dont know about yoko – i still think she is nothing but an extra person that hyuga interacts with.. i also dont know how he feels about her.. does he like her or is he attracted to her? what about makoto? does he think of makoto only as his cute annoying secretary / toy to play with?

episode 6

asahina suddenly confessing to makoto..is it a ruse or is it for real? to me it feels forced.. and a little creepy. at first i like yoko and her forwardness to hyuga.. now it just feels desperate. i feel bad for hyuga.. and you can see that when he feels sad his thoughts are of makoto.. i guess he’s starting to feel something for her? i hope? 🙂 i would like to see how the writers will handle the whole personal info leak story – will this drag on until he discovers it was asahina?

episode 7

big things happened in this episode. finally, asahina stopped manipulating from behind the scenes and started fighting hyuga face to face like a man – even though the way he did it is still from behind, at least now that it’s all out in the open, the battle can start. the show doesn’t really give us a hint of what asahina is plotting so kinda hard to determine what he is doing – at first, seems like he got hyuga moved to VP role but then at the last part, hyuga announced that he was not only stepping down as president, but also quitting the company – is that what asahina originally wanted? or he’s also surprised/ecstatic by this surprising move?

also, im glad that sakuragi called hyuga to warn him about asahina. you can really see that if you treat a person well, they will repay that favor in kindness too. i dont know why yamagami decided to side with asahina, i was hoping he was the sane one who will side with hyuga.

again im saying that hyuga may have left the company and asahina got next innovation, but how is he confident that he can bring next innovation to the next level when the real brain is gone? he does have the personal file project – and i guess hyuga can’t take it with him since it is next innovation’s project now.

i love how makoto is so sweet and really wants to stay beside hyuga but sometimes i want to smack some sense into her. she always misses her interviw for hyuga. girl – if he wants you, he will come to you so just focus on your work. and in the first part of the episode during dinner and when makoto and hyuga were walking.. hyuga may not speak much but his eyes and actions betray his feelings. oguri is such a great actor! plus, i feel that hyuga likes her, he just doesn’t want to make a move now.. just like he told makoto.. to focus on herself first.

about yoko..i understand she is torn between her brother and hyuga.. if it were me i probably would have a hard time.. protect your brother or tell your crush about your brother’s evil plans? and i think the cute sous chef likes yoko 🙂

episode 8

what a sad episode! the ultimate betrayal by asahina and the humiliation hyuga faced in front of the staff made me cry. i want hyuga to rise up and crush asahina!!! and i was a little happy that yoko slapped her brother infront of everyone! and for makoto to reject asahina. i love how makoto is so cheerful and sunshiney and she made the cutest and sweetest love confession. now hyuga can you please kiss her?


episode 9

guess this episode was needed to see how hyuga will start from scratch and how makoto will help / transform him to become a better person.


episode 10

so cute to see hyuga agonize and miss makoto — guess this was needed for hyuga to be able to sort out his feelings for her.

i wish it was makoto who was with hyuga when he met his mom but it was funny to see him in makoto’s family’s restaurant and her family is talking about him. and i guess this was a continuation of when yoko and hyuga met on a train years ago (and their closure). i still believe yoko as a character was not necessary at all (except to provide a fake rival for makoto)

im not sure why and i dont agree with hyuga going back to next innovation but i guess the moral of the story is being able to forgive asahina and that their friendship is strong. i do feel bad about wonder wall team (those who trusted and followed hyuga ended up with sakuragi). if hyuga has to come back to next innovation, i want to see the board of directors and shareholders grovel and beg him to come back!

lastly, i agree that makoto needs to work away from him – so that she can find her own happiness and forge her own career path. but ggrrrr!!! i didn’t even realize that when hyuga told her that he is now looking for someone else, that makoto will think of asahina! i guess same with hyuga and when she told hyuga that she’s working for the lab, he decided not to correct her. arggh!!! i was shouting on the screen at hyuga and telling him to go back and run after makoto and tell her he loves her! they can still be together even if they’re working in different companies!!!


episode 11

perfect way to wrap up the series!
toru is back as head of next innovation, joins hands with ji tech to save the company like what asahina wanted, asahina and toru are friends again, yoko and asahina reconciles and the only thing left is for toru to finally confess his feelings to makoto.
i understand makoto.. she wants to know where she stands with toru and toru does not know how to show his feelings. for the first few minutes when he blew up at makoto for going to brazil and insulting her job, argh i wanted to tell him no, but im glad he immediately called up makoto to apologize. and it’s so nice that everytime there is something he feels happy about, makoto is the first one he calls up.
the confession at the airport is so cute and heartfelt.. they are so adorable together!


so toru’s team is back at next innovation.. so what happened to wonder wall? a year and 9 months later we see asahina is back too and it was a heartfelt moment.. i still dont know what to think of this but the writer wants a happy ending and i guess im fine with it. and the surprise when makoto comes back is so wonderful!!


overall, this was a great show! im so glad i took the time to watch this! and this will definitely go into my favorites list!

can’t wait to watch the SP!