Happy New Year!

I’m excited for the new year because this means new dramas, new addiction, more feels!

Here’s my short kdrama wish list for 2018:

  1. less ghosts and grim reapers.
  2. more unique themes and storylines.
  3. less cutesy and more mature relationship dynamics.
  4. more so ji sub, jo in sung please!
  5.  (non k-drama) more reality non-cooking shows
  6. (for myself) more time to watch kdramas!!

The Lonely and Great God: Goblin Episode 01

That’s how you start a series.I felt like watching a movie during the events of the Goryeo Period… Talk about that cinematic quality. The plot was really interesting. Character introduction was really nice for Kim Shin and Eun-tak. Kim Shin was portrayed as a great general during the historical period wherein he was a loyal comrade to his troops and a loyal to the king… except that he was screwed up and was executed along with his poor sister. Eun-tak was the daughter of a single parent whose life was saved by Kim Shin on a vehicular accident. Which leads to the love story of the series.goblin1-00905a

The Gods were indeed cruel when they gave their punishment on Kim Shin, and I find it weirdly satisfying, in a vengeful sort of way, whenever a human says there’s no point to prayer because the gods don’t bother listening, and knowing they’re right. I suppose we will have to watch along how he deals with this punishment.

The goblin-reaper tandem is shaping up to be quite entertaining, but I like that there’s more to it than simple grudging roommates. If the goblin’s bride is the reaper’s lost quarry, their whole relationship puts everything in peril, and we will look forward to seeing how each party reacts once the identities are made known.

The story definitely lightened up and brought in the humor once the couple met, so I’m not sure how much of the show will turn to Romantic Comedy, but I hope it retains that sense of melancholy and fantasy. So what’s next for our Hopeless girl and the mysterious goblin? we’ll have to find out.


Hi! Hope you are enjoying your time reading through this page. My name is Aki and I would be adding my reviews and feedbacks to all the K-Drama’s that I watched over the years. Stay tuned to this page for my reviews. Hmmm…. I guess I will start with 쓸쓸하고 찬란하神-도깨비 (Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

Have a nice day!

excuse me

thought to start out my posts with some of the previous posts i wrote in my other personal blog. have moved them all in this site and in the future, this will be where i will post anything about kdramas and also kpop and other korean stuff. please bear with me as i try to work on getting this site and my writing better!


I have been a Kpop and Kdrama fan ever since i saw S.E.S performed in a Music show in Arirang TV in 2001 and watched My Sassy Girl in the same year. Back then, trying to find Kpop music and Kdrama with english subtitles were very difficult, not just because the internet back then was so slow (hello modem!), but also because in my country, no one listens to Korean or Chinese music unless you’re well, Korean or Chinese. I remember joining one of the first yahoogroup about Kpop in 2001 and soompi was the main source of all things Korean. The Kpop songs were downloaded in .wma files and music videos in .asf files (yes that old!!) and i would get my Korean dramas from a friend in CDs in poor quality (no HD quality back then too!).

Fast forward 16 years later, I’m still a huge fan, though while I occasionally listen to the new girl and boy groups, I dont spaz on them as I used to – i still prefer listening to old school Kpop. On the other hand, while the old Korean dramas are more melodramatic, I still love watching them and Korean movies because of the hotter actors and more fun drama plots.

I thought it’s finally time to write down my thoughts on the Korean dramas i watch. I have to admit though, I’m a slow watcher and I’m not a professional writer or drama critic. I just love watching them and sharing my thoughts on the characters and story. Hope you’ll have fun reading my posts and feel free to post your thoughts as well!