(variety show) Youn’s Kitchen

I chanced upon this show when i was waiting for the 3 Meals a day and im glad i did. I have watched thr producers other shows like Grandpa over flowers, 3 meals a day etc. I liked the concept for the 4 of them opening a restaurant in Bali and see them cooking, serving,… Continue reading (variety show) Youn’s Kitchen


Man to Man ep. 6-10

A lot happened in the next 4 episodes. Do ha gets kidnapped because of the ring, Seul woo enlists the help of Un gwang to get her free. They were able to capture the other Agent who refused to talk. However, once he found out that Seungjae dropped him, he messaged Seulwoo using a special… Continue reading Man to Man ep. 6-10


Laurel tree tailors eps 41-54 (end)

I loved the entire series! I wasn't able to do another review anymore because I ended up watching (marathoning) the rest of the episodes in a couple of days. I liked where each character and couple ended by the end of the episode. Dong jin and Yunshil We found out that Gi Pyo has been… Continue reading Laurel tree tailors eps 41-54 (end)


Man to Man episode 5

This episode focused more on Seul woo wooing Do ha not only to complete his mission but also to find out his real feelings for her. The episode had a lot of swoonable and funnymoments between the couple.  I love the quotesthat Seul woo says in every episode. One of the usual things he says… Continue reading Man to Man episode 5


Man to Man (2017) eps. 1-2

Drama: Man to Man (맨투맨) Network: JTBC / Netflix Episodes: 16 Release Date: April 21 - June 10, 2017 Runtime: Fridays & Saturdays 23:00 Language: Korean Country: South Korea Plot A longtime celebrity Yeo Woon-gwang (Park Sung-woong) suddenly has a need for a bodyguard and hires Kim Seol-woo (Park Hae-jin), a man trained in special… Continue reading Man to Man (2017) eps. 1-2


my only love song eps 2-9

I like... how every episode starts with a short background or history of each character, but at the same time the character being introduced has a smooth flow to the current storyline relationships are starting to blossom or get real - from sojeong to ondal, pyung gang to moo myung that each episode is a… Continue reading my only love song eps 2-9


my only love song (2017) episode 1

My Only Love Song Hangul: 마이 온리 러브송 Network: Netflix Episodes: 20 Release Date: June 9, 2017 Runtime: 30 minutes Language: Korean Country: South Korea Synopsis: Song Soo-Jung (Kong Seung-Yeon) is a top star and she is very arrogant. She classifies people by how much money they have. Suddenly, she goes back in time to… Continue reading my only love song (2017) episode 1


laurel tree tailors eps 36-40

this set of episodes is probably the best for me - there were lots of great scenes and beautiful quotes about life. best moments from episodes 36 to 40: the scenes between dongjin's mom and yunshil - i realize now that because i am thinking of them as equals i was indignant that they were… Continue reading laurel tree tailors eps 36-40


the tunnel (2016)

Movie: Tunnel (터널) Release Date: August 10, 2016 Runtime: 126 min. Genre: Disaster Language: Korean Country: South Korea Plot Lee Jung-Soo drives home for his daughter's birthday. While driving through a tunnel that crosses through a mountain, the unthinkable happens. The tunnel collapses. When Lee Jung-Soo regains consciousness, he finds himself trapped inside his car.… Continue reading the tunnel (2016)


laurel tree tailors eps 31-35

for almost the first 30 episodes of the series, min hyojoo did not really play much of a part - except for dongjin's ex-wife who does nothing but sulk, shop and trade barbs with her family. now it looks like she might have a bigger part in the storyline - she misses dongjin and regrets… Continue reading laurel tree tailors eps 31-35