mood of the day

Movie: Mood of the Day Revised romanization: Keunalui Bonwigi Hangul: 그날의 분위기 Director: Jo Kyu-Jang Writer: Min So-Yeon, Jo Kyu-Jang Producer: Choi Jin Cinematographer: Yoo Eok Release Date: January 14, 2016 Runtime: 103 min. Genre: Romantic-Comedy Distributor: Showbox Language: Korean Country: South Korea Plot By chance, a man and a woman meet on the KTX … Continue reading mood of the day


the princess’ man

originally written in Oct 2012 this was my very first time to watch a sageuk – i’ve never tried watching before beside the rave reviews for other sageuks like damo, dae jang geum, jumong – mainly for the reason that i thought it would be really boring and long. the only reason i watched this … Continue reading the princess’ man